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About us

briard ,Berger de Brie , Briardpups
I will introduce ourself here a little bit for  the ones who don't know us.
We are Davy & Tine Bos-Snoeks, we live in a small village called Hechtel, about 30 km from Eindhoven & 30 km from Hasselt.
Davy met for the first time the briard, at my parents house in 2000.
I grew up with briards as my parents got their first briard in 1991, at that time  I was 11 years old. As a child I was already fascinated by everything around the breed. I went with my parents to the dogshows in Belgium and abroad.
My parents bred their first litter in 1994, with their black female Quinine du val Resine. This litter was  without breedername, than in january 1997 they got their first litter under the breedername  "du Manoir Noble " with their tawny girl Retsina du Paturage Chevalier. In 2000 I asked my parents for my first own briard. They had at that time a litter from Renzo des rives du Nord & Surya. It were 6 puppys 2 males & 4 females, I kept the biggest and most powerfull female from the litter, her name was Zanityrose du Manoir Noble. She was my shadow  and a really once in a lifetime dog. She was not an easy girl. She knowed from the start what she wanted and what she didn't want, but I could read & write with her .When Davy and I moved together, we took Rosy with us, but as she was used to live together with more dogs, she was really unhappy as single dog, and on 12 oktober 2011 we got on our weddingday our black boy Zambuca Amigo. With him we went to alot of dogshows , he was complete the opposite from Rosy in character, a very soft and sweet boy and fully focused on me .
In 2003 we decided to start breeding under my parents breedersname . So I've bred with Zanityrose , Crazybaby , Foliedouce & Aurelie under my parents supervision. 
In 2017 the time was right to start with my own breedersname, and I didn't need to think long about that name as my backname is Snoeks, my black sweety her name is Snoekie. So at that time my breedersname was born " Made by Snoekie". 
In Oktober 2017 our "first" litter is born  out of  our black girl Made for Snoekie du Manoir Noble. 
It doesn't mean while I've my own breedername now that my " du Manoir Noble" kids are forgotten, they will have their place on this homepage too.  As that are for me also my puppys .
When you want to know more about us, don't hesistate and send  a email or phone us.
Davy & Tine
briard, briardpups,briards, briardwelpen
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