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Ricky & Joey s babys are born

1 boy & 4 girls more under puppys 



Kissi is pregnant around 20.02.2022 we expect black puppys


Kissi & Simba had a date 

Our Kissi had a date with the young tawny male Simba de los Niegos .

wen all goes right we hope around 20 february on a litter of black babys 

alot happened in 2021

Rickys  kids started to be at dogshows and are pretty succesfull

Unconditional Love became best baby & puppy at the dutch clubshows ,Hopprincess , Bundessjugfendsiegerin , and several timesbest puppy 

Uras Tadeusz went best puppy at the cz briardclub , worldhope 2021 at the worlddogshow , , best puppy at the nationale d elevage in france and in juniro class he became bundesjugendsieger & junior bob  ,  and got all his needed points for his german club junior champion .

Than Rely s daughter Quila Punada had also a succesfull year this year at the shows , she became  German Champion and had in belgium  also some succesfull shows , so that she only need one more cac for being a belgium champion.

Snoekie s daughter Saffira got her Rumanian champion title and is on a good way to get her german champion also soon 

At the selections we have some new selected dogs 

in the netherlands got O Nina Ricci , Quest for Kisses , Sweet Selfie , Smokey Smoske selected 

And some of our boys became father for the first time 

Smokey smoske  got in belgium his first puppys at the kennel bell truff noire

and our Salazar got at the dutch kennel de djinn noiraud his first kids 

Ricky became mommy from 8 babys

Ricky became mother of 5 boys & 3 girls

all puppys found their own family's



Ricky is pregnant 

Ricky will be for the second time mother at the beginning of january.

Kissi decided she don t want have puppys this time.

Great News 

We got the hipsresult of our young tawny boy 

Salazar Slytherin Made by Snoekie , he s HD A , CSNB Free & tested on ectopic ureters .

He has grown up to a beautfull young boy , Thanks Holger & Estelle for taking such great care of him   

Some more great hips news  from Benben & Snoekie kids

Sweet Selfie Made by Snoekie HD A ,CSNB Free , EU Free

Smokey Smoske Made by Snoekie HD A ,CSNB Free , EU free 

Salt & Pepper Made by Snoekie HD B ,CSNB Free , EU free 

Saffira Protige Made by Snoekie HD A ,CSNB Free , EU free 



Workingnews from Norway

Norway's King Tiamo  du Manoir Noble did pass his exam SL 1

congrats Bodil for the hard work with your belgium gangster 

briard ,briards , briardpuppy briardpuppys
CACIB Madrid 

NIno Nino du Manoir Noble 1 exc cac cacib & BOB 

briard , briard , briardpup
Cz clubshow Hradec Králové

 Quido Tesoro du Manoir Noble 2 exc res cac  working class 

Ninja  du Manoir Noble 1 exc cac ,cc , best male & BOB champion class

briard , briards , briardpup,briardpups
Ricky's  baby boy is born
briardpuppy , briardpups , briard , briards
Belgium Germany & Poland in 1 weekend

13.04.19 Q'Tie Pie du Manoir Noble  2 exc openclass at cacib Antwerpen

                Quido Tesoro du Manoir Noble 1 exc vdh cha working class  cacib Chemnitz

14.04.19 Quido Tesoro du Manoir Noble 1 exc cwc , best male & BOB , working class at cac Świebodzice


06.04.19 'Khismo du Manoir  Noble open class 2 VG

07.04.19 Khismo du Manoir  Noble open class 2 VG

                Made for Snoekie du Manoir Noble champion class 1 exc cac cacib BOS

New champion title

Only Sydney is now official Belgium Show Champion

congrats to her owner Yvonne Hennes 

Briard briards biardpups briardpuppys brardpuppies
CACIB Weelde

Q'Tie Pie du Manoir  Noble open class 2 exc 

Only Sydney du Manoir Noble champion class 1 exc cac cacib BOS

Ultrasound positive

Today showed the ultrasound that Ricky is pregnant from Bacardi

when all goes well we expect around eastern Ricky's first puppys.

For more info look under puppys

briard briards briardke briardpups briardpuppys briardpuppies
Nino Nino & O Nina Ricci du Manoir Noble

The Dutch Champion Titles of the halfsisters Nino & Ricky arrived .

Congrats toNino's  owner Elia Alia .

Both girls where handled by Randy Verbakel 

briard briards briardke briardpups briardpuppys briardpuppies
briard briards briardke briardpups briardpuppys briardpuppies

Quatresols-Gauthier du Manoir Noble 3 pl Limit Class

Quest for Kisses Made by Snoekie 3 pl Junior Class

Nino Nino du Manoir Noble 1 pl Open Class CC Best Bitch & BOS

all three dogs where handled by Randy Verbakel 

Briard Briardpups Briadpuppy Briardpuppie
Briard Brirds Briardpup Briardpups Briardpuppy Briardpuppys
BeNeLux Winner Groningen

Khismo du Manoir Noble 1vg 

O Belle Noire Aurelie du Manoir Noble 2 exc 

O Nina Ricci du Manoir Noble 1 exc rcac cacib Beneluxwinster'19

CACIB Groningen 

CACIB Groningen 

Khismo  du Manoir Noble 1 exc cac cacib BOB 

O Nina Ricci du Manoir Noble  1 exc cac cacib BOS 

Briard Briards Brardpup Briardpuppy Briardpups
KIng Louie  du Manoir Noble 

King Louie du Manoir Noble  recieved today the International Beauty Champion CIE.

Congrats to his owners Birgit & Michael

Briard , biards , briardpuppy ,briardpuppies , briardpuppys ,briardpup
Maron du Manoir Noble

Champion of Champions in Lezsno 

Maron du Manoir Noble BOB 

Well Done Iwona 

Briard , biards , briardpuppy ,briardpuppies , briardpuppys ,briardpup
Quido Tesoro du Manoir Noble 

Quido Tesoro du Manoir Noble became Best Showdog 2018 in the Czeck Briardclub , this sweet boy is only 23 months old.

His halfbrother Ninja du Manoir Noble became the 3 place in this competition .Well done Martina & Tomas .

Briard , Briards,briardpups,briardpuppy
Quintessence in Black Made by Snoekie

Today came the official  Hips & Elbow results from Lissy in norway

Quintessence in Black "Lissy" Made by Snoekie 



congrats to  Martin & Bente

Briard ,Briardpup,Briardpups
Qaizer Hyzz Made by Snoekie whas in Norway 

15.2 international NKK Bö Norway

Intermediated class 1 excellent , CK, Cert best male, cacib BOS.

 17.2 Nordic exhibition NKK BÖ Norway

Junior class 1 excellent, Ck, Cert, 2 best male reserve Nordic cert

briard , briardpups,briardpuppy
They have done it 

Sel.O Nina Ricci is mated by the tawny male Ch.Sel.WW Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia , when all goes right we will have a tawny litter around 18 april , for more info you can look under puppys

briard, briards, briardpuppy
Ninja & Quido Tesoro got some new titles

Ninja du Manoir Noble obtained his Austrian Champion title , this is Champion Title nr 13 at age of  4 years 

And his younger half brother  Quido Tesoro du Manoir Noble , got his 3 adult champion title in 1 month , at the tender age of 23 months .

Congrats to the owners Martina & Tomas of these two sons of Rely .

Briard Briardpuppy Briards Briardpups
Briard Briardpuppy Briards Briardpups
GHP 1 As

Otis Maharadja du Manoir Noble competed today fo the first time on a GHP 1 trial department obedience and he got 91/100

Well done Benny & Otis

Briard Briarpuppy Briarpuppie
Ricky start her heat

We hope to visit soon her loverboy .

After she's mated , we will post more info under puppys


Working class

Quido Tesoro du Manoir Noble 1 exc CAC CACIB & BOS

briard , briardpuppy , briards
CACIB Eindhoven

Open class

O Nina Ricci du Manoir Noble  1 exc CAC CACIB & BOB 

8 place in group 1

briardpuppy, briard , briardwelpen
Start of our new homepage 

I hope you will enjoy our new homepage

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