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Qugelblitz du Manoir Noble

Briard Briards Briardpup briardpups

Qugel  is born 28.02.2017 out a litter of 8 , 3 boys and 5 girls  all black , his parents : Sel.Ch. Amaury Uno auberge des ours heureux &  Sel.Kachou du Manoir Noble .

This whas his father's first and his mother's last litter.

All healthchecks are done and he's HD-A , CSNB Free , Homozygot, EU free &  DNA Profile 

Qugel whas mister blue in the litter , he whas from the start Brian's best friend ,and he still is . It's so nice to see those two together .

He 's training 2 x times a week at the policedogschool .

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