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Made for Snoekie du Manoir Noble

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Snoekie  is born 18.08.2013 out a litter of 9 , 6 boys and 3 girls  all black ,  Her parents are  Kuwa Macho du Manoir Noble & Ch.Foliedouce du Manoir Noble . She 's from the last litter of Foppe , She whas in the litter the smallest girl , Snoekie whas always near her mother the whole puppy time . And as it whas a hard decission wich girl we should keep from this litter we decided to keep the girl wich whas the calmest  in character .

All healthchecks are done and she s HD-B , CSNB Free , EU free , DNA & Homozygous black

Snoekie is a very sweet , gentle girl , who loves to be around us. She 's a very calm girl .

And she 's a really mommy girl . In our dogfamily she s the most easy dog of all .

Snoekie is in the showring pretty succesfull , she became Belgium  junior champion  & veteran champion, adult champion of  Belgium , Germany & Clubchampion . She s Selekted in France , Germany & the Netherlands .

She s the foundation girl of our own breedername .

 she  got 2 litters  : 

  • Q litter born 16.10.2017 with Ch.Sel Obi One de l'arene noire  4 boys & 3 girls

  • S litter born 15.09.2019 with Ch.Sel BenBen Boogie-Man Romani 2 boys & 5 girls

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